Breaking the rules and discovering

you in life and business.

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Are you ready to Step into the wild World of Human Design...

Let's coalesce human design into your business ...

It's time to break the rules and Change the Game on client growth

You've positioned yourself as an expert but now what...

You've spent the time and put in the work to position yourself as an expert. You've got the certifications. The IP. The Proprietary Process but you are still struggling to get all of your clients the same incredible results.

the reality is...

We are all unique individuals designed to operate within the world in different ways...the one sized fits all approach to client success is antiquated...

You want to elevate your business & stand out but aren't sure how....

You've industry is crowded with experts and you need a way to differentiate yourself from all the other people out there doing what you've put in the time (10,000 hours), money and expertise but you are still grappling to grow consistently and with ease...

You want to maximize client success & you've tried to meet clients where they are...

You are brilliant at what you do. You've developed IP or a process specific to take clients through on repeat. Yet you can't seem to figure out why some clients are wildly successful and others only have mediocre success.

You want a way to better understand yourself & your clients but still something is missing...

You've tried the enneagram, DISC, Strengthsfinder, or any personality test under the sun but there is still a lack of depth and practical application. So you learned you're a ____________ but now what? You are looking for something where you can dig into the depths into who you are, how you make decisions, and your unique imprint on the world and have that depth of insight with your clients as well that goes beyond a personality test.

but i've discovered

The reality is we don't all operate the same way...

...human design is a powerful tool to better understand the lens with which your clients see the world so that you are able to better support them in catalytic growth along the way.

The game changer...

Let's tune up the definition in your business with human design.

Trust me, I've been there. After 17 years in business, I was exhausted from grappling with clients. I had done "all the things" the "expert" told me to do. I codified a proprietary process in my business, I showed up consistently online, I created the learning platform, workbooks and swipe files....

3rd line trial and error....saving you aggravation and frustration since 2021

And yet....I couldn't understand the correlation between why some clients had incredible, massive, game changing success and others just got MEH results.

Then in 2017 as luck would have it, I stumbled across human design. I began using it for myself and for my family and though my "logical self" felt resistance. But the deeper I dug the more sense making it became. I couldn't unsee human design.

In 2019, I began coaching my clients to their design and in 2020, I doubled down on leveraging Human Design in my own business. I began formal studies and devoured everything I could.

And it was like a miracle happened....clients who had been stuck, magically moved forward. Clients who had "blocks" - those blocks suddenly melted away...

Because we laid the foundation of building their business on WHO they are, how they are designed to operate, and their style for interacting with the world around them...

Not only did their world change but mine did too. I began leverage human design in my own business and had the most successful, easy and flowing launch of my career...when the odds were against me. Every launch expert I know is still astonished how I did it...

Now I want to share the gift of human design with you in your business.

just imagine

Now I want to share the magic, wonder, and awe of human design with your business.

Breaking the rules and discovering YOU in life and business.


It's time to change the Game

Stop guessing on how best too support clients and start knowing....

Human Design is a tool to better understand yourself, your clients and how you are designed to operate in the world. You can use it to understanding personality, decision making style, energy & body management, how best to process information, orientation toward the collective, community or individual and how best to interact with the world around.

If strengthsfinder and enneagram had a baby that's human design. It is built on 9 different modalities built into one system to catapult you, your business and your clients forward.


Transform your life, your business, and the results you can get for your clients by leveraging Human Design.

Gain New Perspective on Yourself

Human Design is going to give you massive insights (and affirm) what you know to be true about yourself. It will give you guardrails for how best to marketing yourself, support your clients, and catapult your business forward. It through unlearning and deconditioning where clarity comes.

Integrate Human Design Into Your Business

Human Design is a tool you can integrate into your existing expertise to better serve your clients, get results more efficiently for them and understand the pitfalls that might be holding them back due to condition and not-self themes.

Are you ready to blaze the trail, break the rules and unlock the path to your success?


A year long journey of self-discovery, explosive growth & forging a new path for your business.

HD Wild - is a one year journey into human design, self-discovery and leveraging how to integrate human design into your business to better support your client's growth.

Year Long Human Design Discovery Program

Learn Human Design

Become who you were always meant to be

Leverage Human Design as a tool in your own business


Coalesce Human Design in your Biz...

This is a year long journey into the depths human design. Learn the nuances of reading a human design chart, while coalescing it with your existing business expertise and become HD in the Wild Certified along the way.

Delve into You

Discovery more about who you are as a human, entrepreneur and your decision making style. Explore areas of unlearning and reconditioning you may be vulnerable too. Reconnection with your purpose, mission and impact.

Integrate HD Expertise...

Learn the emerging field of human design and coalesce it with your existing expertise to differentiate yourself or become a human design reader. Human design is an multi-faceted tool you can use to gain a better understanding of others.

This 1 Year HD Wild Certificate Program is for You...

Imagine a world where you can coach your clients to their individual strengths, shine awareness on their challenges and get them into congruence with themselves....

HD Wild is for you

if you desire to...

  • Integrate human design into your practice

  • Become a Human Design Reader

  • Delve deeper into who your are

  • Coach, strategist, service provider or mentor

  • Differentiate Yourself in the Market

  • Explore a better way to support your clients

  • Get a Certification in Human Design

  • Use human design in the wild aka real world

This is the HD wild Program

Only 25 Students...

I've limited the group to only 25 students in the certificate program cohort.

If you are someone who wants to learn human design, delve into who you are and give yourself an edge in business...HD Wild is for you.

You might just find yourself along the way...

The reality is in doing this work you can't help but delve into and discover more about yourself. I am here to guide you along the way, to hold space for those discoveries, to provide you with the well to dive deep into. Into the depths of your being. How deep you will go. only you can know.

This journey is one where you will step into who you were truly meant to be, (re)discover you, and become the person you've known you could be all along.

This work is part unlearning, part discovery, part evolution and part finding your way back home to you. This work will change the lens with which you see the world.

It will change your relationships. It will change your perspective. It will change your business, you positioning, and the results you can get for your will change...YOU

I firmly believe that if each one of us can embody and become who

we are meant to be the world will be a better place...

For you. For me. For our future generations.

And that expedition & evolution starts with us.

HD Wild Demystified

We are going into the depths of human design with this one year journey and certificate program.


Type Deep Dive

Discover the 5 types in the human design system - projector, manifestos, manifesting generator, generator and reflector. Learn the strategy, not-self, and nuances of each of the types over the course of 5 weeks.


Profiles & Lines in Depth

Over the course of 6 weeks, the 12 profiles and 6 lines will be discovered with the nuances of each one, the dichotomy of each of the profiles and pitfalls that may come up in the wild with each of these profiles.


Centers in Depth

There is much wisdom to be found inside of the centers. Defined, undefined, and open the role centers play in the human design chart is big. Over the course of 10 weeks we will dive into the depths of the centers.



Understanding how energy flows and the themes to that energy, inside the chart is a like a trail map for understanding yourself and your clients better.


Channels, Gates, & Channel Lines

The gates, channels and gate lines give nuance to the human design chart. It brings personality, understanding, & depth. It is also a place where you can find solace & better discover yourself & your clients. The subtleness of the expression of the gates is deep and takes 12 weeks.



Exploring the different decision making styles in human design is an art and a science. Over the course of 2 weeks, we will dive into the authority, how it shows up in the wild and the subtle confirmations to know if you (and your clients) are in alignment with their decision making style.


Relationship Dynamics & Penta

Connection charts and team dynamics are key to understanding the impact we have on others. Over the course of 4 weeks we will dive into everything you need to know in order to discern the impact of relationships including electromagnetic, teams, and penta.


Body Awareness

The not-self emerges in the body as a result of being out of congruence with your design. Getting back to thyself is key and somatics is the tool to use to support us in finding our ways back. 10 sessions to dive deeper into the body.



Dive into the world of color in human design. This gives life to our determination, environment, perspective, & motivation which makes up color and variable in Human Design. This is a deeper look at the nuance within the chart.


Business Integration

Ultimately, we have to discern how we want to put human design in action within our businesses. In this section, we will cover how to coalesce human design with your existing business expertise.


Conditioning & Unlearning

In this section we will uncover best practices for working with the not-self, conditioning and unlearning for yourself and your clients. This section will sprinkled throughout the year in order to support layered learning.



Along the way there will be a plethora of opportunities for self-discovery. I firmly believe when we better know ourselves, we can better support our clients. Part of this class is discovering who you are becoming.

The Human Design in Action Certificate Program

Breaking the rules and discovering you in life and business.

Now available in an 18 Payment Plan

Students Enrolled

they said

Here's what a few of my amazing clients have experienced...

I highly recommend working with Jamie and enrolling in HD Wild. It will change your entire life.

HD Wild has completely changed my life and business. I am a 1/3 Manifestor with Ego authority but was conditioned to live like a Generator. When I found Jamie I was miserable and barely hanging on by a thread.

Learning my human design and identifying the conditioning that has held me back my entire life was like being released from a prison. Through the depth of knowledge Jamie shares inside the program and through finding understanding in what it means to align myself with my strategy and authority has brought so much clarity into my life. I have learnt to communicate with everyone in my life without all of the friction I felt in the past (before discovering Human Design).

I show up in my business in a much more aligned, satisfying way without the guilt I used to feel because I was conditioned to operate like a Generator. Just having that guilt completely dissipate has changed my overall outlook on life and I am feeling so aligned and good about who I really am.

HD Wild has completely transformed so many areas of my life. From mindset, to business model, to nutrition and environment, I have started to overhaul so many areas of my life with absolute transformational results.

Jamie is committed to her community and to helping each of her students find the understanding they desire. She has such a deep understanding of human design and is such an enlightened guide to anyone willing to take the journey. I highly recommend working with Jamie and enrolling in HD Wild. It will change your entire life.

Tamara MacDonald

Jamie has a passionate drive to help you discover your unique path and zone of genius.

After having the privilege to coach many amazing entrepreneurs - there is one thing I look for before working with anyone…

That thing is a deep and passionate love for their craft - the magic ingredient that creates exceptional results and lets you know that someone is operating in their zone of genius.

… which brings me to Jamie!

I have never met someone as passionate about Human Design as Jamie… even more than this, she has a passionate drive to help you discover your unique path and zone of genius.

I’ve witnessed the magic as Jamie unlocks a hidden potential that enables a client to take the step that they’ve resisted or been scared to embrace…

Then watched their life transform.

It’s not only Jamie’s knowledge and passion for Human Design that is exceptional but, also, her intuition and her desire to empower you to live your life in high definition… to help you find your wings… and follow your uniqueness.

Jamie is a wonderful combination of logic, intuition, and magic that is extremely rare.

~ Helen Henley

It’s a magic program that will help you embody your authenticity. And not only that but the level of support Jamie gives is so generous.

HD Wild was a complete sacral yes and it was the best decision. Jamie is the absolute real deal. Her wisdom and knowledge runs so deep and she really knows how to support you to embody your design.

HD wild is a one of a kind program and I’m so grateful I said yes, it had helped me get to know myself on a level beyond what I ever imagined was possible, it’s like looking into my soul.

It’s a magic program that will help you embody your authenticity. And not only that but the level of support Jamie gives is so generous. I feel so backed up by her. She’s incredibly thoughtful and caring which adds another layer of depth to HD Wild.

If you want to embody and shine in your human design and feel highly competent in supporting others with it too, then this is the program for you.

Mala Kennedy

Human Design-wise Jamie achieves the balancing act between founding her teachings on the original sources from Ra Uru Hu but also editing it in a way that it's very understandable.

I can't recommend this program highly enough! First the title could sound a little bit misunderstanding. Absolutely nothing in this program is going "wild". On the contrary everything is organized and structured in a highly professional and digestible form. You always have the overview where you are in the process.

You get weekly reminders and Facebook-Post about upcoming sessions, so that you don't miss a single one. Jamie is available in a group-Voxer-channel for general questions and once a week via her private Voxer-account if you have any individual question. She really cares about her people in a way that I've rarely seen before.

Jamie presents the Human Design in a very unique way. She not only gives you the information but takes care that you understand them - and she helps you to embody them (with the support of the fabilous Helen Henley). She teaches the Human Design wisdom in a very down to earth way with many practical examples of your everyday life.

I especially like the "self-talk" of the types, profiles and gates. That helps me connect the topics even better to me and people I live and work with. That's what is missing in most of the HD-programs. And I know that because I've taken several of them.

For me who prefers to read information it's great that Jamie provides very extensive lesson-texts and transcripts of all live-calls. So I can hear and read everything and don't have to take notes. That's an extra-mile in service that I really appreciate.

Human Design-wise Jamie achieves the balancing act between founding her teachings on the original sources from Ra Uru Hu but also editing it in a way that it's very understandable.

Finally Jamie weaves in her long experience as a business consultant and service provider in the HD-content. This alone is priceless!

In summary, this is a a pearl among all the Human Design programs out there. Grab it as long as you can :-)

Arndt Aschenbeck

Everything she does makes your life turn to awesome

Jamie is the bomb - everything she does makes your life turn to awesome. This was no exception. I've become a human design nerd overnight and am devouring everything I can.

Jamie taught this in a way that was easy for all brains to understand and I can't wait to implement what I've learned about myself into my own business.

Here's to better CEOs, everywhere!

~ Liz Theresa

Let's coalesce human design into your business ...

If you are someone who wants to learn human design, delve into who you are and give yourself an edge in business...HD Wild is for you.

video proof

Add some video testimonials if you have them. They are really powerful.

HD Wild is Capped at 25 Students

HD Wild Opens 2 Times Per Year & each cohort is limited to 25 Students

The Human Design in Action Certificate Program

Breaking the rules and discovering you in life and business.

Now Available in 18 Month Payment Option

Students Enrolled

Weekly Human Design Teaching Sessions . . . . . (Value $10,000)

Weekly Q & A Sessions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $7500)

4 - One to One Integration Sessions. . . . . . . .(Value $4500)

Weekly Voxer Office Hours. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .(Value $3500)

10 Body Integration & Somatic Sessions . . . .(Value $4500)

Weekly Technical Office Hours Support . . . .(Value $4500)

HD Swipe Files & Templates. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $497)

1 Year of HD Wild Certification. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $997)

HD Wild Certification . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Priceless)

you asked

Let's dive into some of the questions that might be coming up for you...

Is this program for me if I want to become a Human Design Reader?

YES, absolutely! If you would like to learn how to become a human design reader this program will absolutely give you the depth of knowledge to become one. We are going to spend either 6 months or a year going into the nuances and depths of human design including, type, profile, circuits, centers, channels, environment, authority, variable, team and relationship readings.

Do I need to have an existing BUsiness to take this program?.

You do not need to have an existing business in order to benefit from his program. If you are wanting to dig deeper into human design, this is THE certificate program. This program will help you build a foundation around a human design business. We have weekly voxer office hours where you can get support with your emerging business and a weekly Q & A where you can ask me any questions that might be present for you.

How DOes this Certificate Program WOrk?.

There will be two or four milestones during the HD Wild Journey which will evaluating aptitude. The milestones will be tailored by type (or you can choose) which you'd like to submit. At the end of the program you will be awarded a HD Wild Certified Coach as long as the milestones have been met. This will give you certification for one year.

Since this is the inaugural HD Wild Program you will also receive an additional year of HD Wild Certification. Details on what this will include are TBD however it is likely a monthly calls and two trainings throughout the year. You will need to pass the yearly evaluation in order to maintain your certification. Ongoing certification in order to maintain your certification will be $499/year. With this cohort you will get the year of study PLUS the year of certification, so 2 total years of support.

Once you are certified you will be listed in the online directory and if you would like to be part of the JLP Human Design Reader Referral program you can. The intent of the directory is to connect potential clients with businesses who are certified in human design.

Do I need to have a basic understanding of Human Design to Join this Program? .

You do not need to know anything about human design in order to join this program. While it may be helpful to have a basic understanding it is not necessary. Throughout this program we will teach both the fundamentals and the depths of human design.

We will teach both how to support yourself with human design and how to better support your clients. We will use the lens of human design to discern ways to coalesce it in your own business.

Are You Ready To Step Into The Wild World Of Human Design...

Now is the time to embark on the journey of a change your business, to catapult your life forward and change the trajectory of your client's lives with human design.

The Human Design in Action Certificate Program

Breaking the rules and discovering you in life and business.

Now Available in 18 Month Payment Option

Students Enrolled